Name: Julian Hubbard

Julian Hubbard Age: 20 Gender: Male Location: I’ve lived in Windsor Maine for 15 years, Augusta Maine for 3 years and Boston for 1 year. Family Life: I have a mom and dad, 2 older brothers Josh and James and 2 younger sisters, Morgan and Lauren. Work/Extracurricular Activities: I’ve worked in sales for a few summers in a row, I’m also a very dedicated Track&Field athlete who’s competing at the Division 1 level here at UMaine. Personality: I’m really easy to get along with and talk too, I love to hang out with friends and be social, I’m a regular nice dude. Interests: Art of course, Sports, Graphic Design, Music, Video Games, Physical Activity, Superhero’s, Comics, Writing, Books. Education: Elementary school, Middle school, High school and one year of college. Skills I Have: I can draw pretty well and have an eye for photography and an ear for music. Skills I’m Developing: My running and jumping can always be better, my drawing skills are always being worked on along with my eye for the realism style of art and of course all skills can be taken further if you try hard enough.

Creative Statement

I’m studying New Media to further broaden my skills and abilities in the field of art and technology, because I really want to just learn new stuff and get better in anyway I possibly can. What motivates me? Thats an awesome question, what motivates me is being able to think in my head “yea, I did that by myself, on my own, with hard work” that feeling really gets me going in the morning and I use it for just about everything, I use to for track when a workout sucks and I’m tired, I always think “ok, this sucks now but imagine how happy you're gonna be when you get that amazing jump” and that gets me to keep going. What inspires me? Well virtually everything does to a degree, I find the art and styles found in video games and comics to be absolutely amazing. I love how rich and original those kinds of ideas are and they really inspire me to make some cool things. But I too have some artists that inspire me as well, Hayao Miyazaki is somebody who defiantly inspires me for almost all my work. What interests me? Well many things interest me but if I had to lower the list down it would defiantly Art, Designs, Movies, Comics and Games. Because all of those almost always intertwine and when they do in a good way, its absolutely beautiful. What things do I work with? I was pretty much raised on traditional types of art, mostly of the studio variety, mostly because my mother who is an artist as well, taught me on those mediums, like charcoal, vinyl, markers, paint and of course pencils. There are defiantly ideas I’m working with now that where not always ones I’m used to working with. I’m currently working on an idea for a Comic book, but right now I’m simply writing it down in the form of a story, which is something new to me because I’ve always wanted to write a story but just never had the idea for it. I hope to accomplish a few things in my creative pursuits, these things would be to get a job I look forward to doing everyday and to create and hopefully publish a comic book.

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